Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Touches of Color

Yesterday I finished up another gift project. Great feeling to get this one done. I had put it aside when I got to a difficult part of the project that was not working out. But, with persistence, (and a severe session with a rotary cutter to eliminate the problem area,) it is done and looks good!

We have been having cold mornings lately. Yesterday on our walk, I noticed the little lake at the end of the street was partially frozen. That does not happen here too often.
When everything is wintry gray, I like to look for little spots of color here and there. Here is one colorful little tree or shrub next to the orange plastic fencing that marks the "tree protection zone" in the new neighborhood being built.
And across the street in the woods, another little touch or orange!
I used to see this Persian in the wooded lot almost every day last winter, but he must stay inside to enjoy air conditioning in the summer.
Speaking of kitties, here was a little domestic excitement last Friday. I was talking to my son on the phone in the kitchen about 8:30 AM when I noticed an animal on the branch of a tall pine tree in the back yard at the edge of the woods. I thought it must be a raccoon, but closer inspection proved it to be a big fluffy kittycat. I thought it might come down when I left with the dog for our walk and then to take her to the vet for her shots. No, cat was still there. I mentioned to my husband when he called from work that we had a cat about thirty feet up a tree. He said just to keep the dog in the house or in the front yard, and it would come down when it got hungry enough. Sure enough, he was gone by 5:00 PM. I thought I might capture the descent in video when he started moving around on his limb, but he was just changing position. Sorry for the jumpy zoom video. My husband must spend a lot of time "networking" at work. Everyone at the office party that night wanted to know if the cat got down!

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