Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sneak Peeks

Yesterday I was back at work on my Gammill. Well, not really working. I was finishing a project that I can't show yet, as it is to be a surprise. But, it was fun. Here are some sneak previews.

This is the backing, a marble-looking fabric that I love and have used for many projects. It has a silky hand and gorgeous coral/salmon/peach colors.

I was putting a serious dent in my stash of black and white fabrics for this and a couple other projects recently. As I rummaged around looking for suitable pieces, I came across this piece and decided to use it. A long time ago, I tried out some methods of discharging color from black fabrics. I think it was in American Quilter. This is a piece of twill with some star-shaped areas and some blobby areas. I did some freehand flowers. Hopefully these pictures will enlarge when clicked. I used a variegated cotton thread called Tie-Dye.

If you remember my little experiment with my Neocolor 2 crayons, I had done a gradient on dry fabric using every one of the 84 colors.
My original idea was to label each color so I would have a sample of each. Well, that was way too scientific for me, and since I did not record the colors at the time, it would have been difficult to do so later. So, yesterday I grabbed a fan-shaped paint brush and swished over the whole thing with some water. I had only used half of a piece of muslin, so I folded the other half over it to absorb colors. I love the mottled look of the "absorbent" half!

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Cathie said...

Love the "flower quilting" on the multi-colored fabric. Aren't Neocolors great. They are definately my FAVORITE medium thus far. Now I am experimenting with them by first putting fabric mediums down on canvas, as well as modpodge on paper. The colors are so vivid and easily controlled. Have fun!