Friday, December 12, 2008

Project Reveal: "Think Freddie" purse

Today I can show you one of my "secret projects" of the last month. I decided it would be a birthday present rather than a Christmas gift. My daughter-in-law has a December birthday, so I mailed it this week and she received it yesterday. (And was very appreciative!) So here is the "Think Freddie" purse.

It is from a pattern that went together very easily UNTIL I tried to put in a zippered top and turn the thing right-side out. GRRR- after the quilting and seaming of this bag, the recommended zipper size was too large. And I guess the vinyl pockets I made were from vinyl that was a little too stiff. So, this is the part where I taught it a lesson by whacking off the whole top of the purse that included the zipper.

Since I couldn't quite manage resewing the side seam of the lining with that vinyl, I glued a piece of fabric over the opening, then zig-zagged it in place.

And since there was no longer a zipper closing, I made a button and loop closure. I love the button for this purse. I bought it at MQX last year from We Got the Buttons. It is fused glass. I also added some buttons for embellishment on the straps and houses. I added some decorative machine stitching to the patchwork.

My daughter-in-law is very petite, and I have seen how cute she looks with other small handbags like this, so it had to be for her!

The reason it is called "Think Freddie" is because the bright colors against black and white prints are often used by quilter Freddy Moran. The pattern also shows the bag made in other types of fabrics- all cute.

People that do not have a directionality problem can probably follow the pattern directions for the zipper and lining better than I did.

Back to the Tacky Christmas Sweaters post from yesterday: at least one reader has taken up the challenge to show her Christmas sweaters. Barb has revealed her lovely Christmas sweaters and also her collection of Christmas socks.

How about the rest of you???


Vicki W said...

What a cool purse! You are a nice MIL!

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Great bag! And aren't those buttons the best from We Got the Buttons? She was a vendor at our show last spring, she is lovely and her buttons and jewelry are beautiful. Love the tacky sweater. I'll have to dig one out and post it.... it's not exactly Christmas, I guess Holiday- But tacky YES! Thanks for sharing! :)