Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tacky Christmas Sweaters?

Got a call from Dear Son Dave yesterday.

DSD: Hey, Mom, you still got any of those tacky Christmas sweaters?

Moi: Huh?

DSD: You know those old Christmas sweaters you used to wear to school? Emily and I are going to a Tacky Christmas Sweater party, and I don't want to pay $40 for a new tacky sweater. You still got any?
Moi: My sweaters were tacky?
DSD: Well, I promise that if I wear one of your sweaters, it will look tacky.

(Note to readers: DSD is approximately 6'5" and I am approximately 5'7".
Moi: Well, I know I have at least one Christmas sweater, because I just wore it to the Christmas brunch last Saturday. But it's not tacky.

DSD: Okay, see what you can find and we can meet for lunch tomorrow.
So, dear readers, I will reveal the only remaining Christmas sweaters/apparel I could find. I must have unloaded the many sweatshirts that I used to wear to school when I taught elementary.

#1, inherited from mother-in-law, sporting 80's shoulder pads, ribbons, and a stain on the sleeve: The Saggy Stained Sweater with Christmas Tree.

#2, featuring glittery beads, sequins and intarsia knitting, The Snowy Christmas Chapel.
(Rarely worn because very heavy sweater acquired at approximately same point in time as menopause hot flashes)

#3, the truly tacky home-made Christmas vest. Not a sweater at all. Lined with coarse scratchy cheapo Wal-mart Christmas print. Very popular with elementary students back in my teaching days. Also actually worn as hostess of annual family Christmas potluck one year, probably also due to hot flashes.

Off to meet DSD and deliver the goods.

Challenge: What tacky Christmas sweaters do you have lurking in your closet?


Cathie said...

I am proud to say that as tempting as it is EVERY SINGLE YEAR (as recently as last week during my last trip to Kohl's - Home of the Tacky Sweater), I have NEVER succumb to temptation of purchasing either a Christmas sweater, OR a Halloween sweater - for myself. Now poor Sabrina, that's another story.

Unknown said...

Okay, I must confess, I have ALWAYS wanted a tacky Christmas Sweater!!! I have drooled over the one in the top photo since the 80's! I just can never afford one, or when I can afford it...common sense takes over my body and I cannot see spending the money on a sweater that I would ridiculous in anyway...well, ridiculous at Christmastime and even MORE ridiculous at any other time of the year....but still...I want one! Maybe next year...sigh!

(BTW, I am secretly coveting your Christmas sweater stash, LOL!)

zizzybob said...

I have two tacky Christmas sweaters, and I love them both. In addition, I also have sic pairs of tacky Christmas socks. Guess I'll have to post them on my blog later tonight.

Michelle said...

Oh those are GOOD! I don't think I have any, but I will check.