Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Little Angels are Coming to Town

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting children and grandchildren will all be here!

I can't wait for Avery and Lily to see the house decorated for Christmas. The snowmen are waiting for them...
Santa might be hanging around in the kitchen... and dining room...
I like to put a child-friendly nativity scene down low where they can touch it and move the figures around. They are just plastic, for that very purpose. This is the first year I have had the china cabinet we bought in the mountains.

Did you enjoy the huge full moon last week? Here you can see it low in the sky to the left of our house.

We can ride around and see the neighbors' Christmas lights...
And then on Saturday, forty-two of our relatives will be joining us for dinner!

This will probably be my last post until Monday. I think I might be a little busy for the next few days!

But, please check out Selvage Blog today. I got a nice nod from Karen, who provided the instructions for the Great Big Tote Bag. Thanks, Karen!

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Waterrose said...

Hello. I found your blog a while ago and have enjoyed reading it. I was working on a quilting project with Alltop and have included your blog in the quilting blog category. Hope it brings you more traffic.