Monday, July 7, 2008

My Lucky Day

Got back from a wonderful, extra-long weekend in the North Carolina mountains- and found out that I am the lucky winner of a blogiversary prize from Wanda Hanson of Exuberant Color!
Wanda actually had six different prize offerings from which you could select your "wish." How fortunate for me to win this lovely wall-hanging! The colors are perfect for my house. Can't wait for this little jewel to arrive!

We did get to float down the New River on Friday. This time the river trip was shortened by about an hour when the late afternoon thunderstorm kicked in. Only about fifteen of us made the annual float this year. Most of my sister's relatives chose to work on a new construction project at the mountain place: a picnic shelter next to the creek in the area I dubbed "the city park." They got the building done with the exception of the tin roof. It is going to be awesome! Last year the guys cleared the land near the creek and built a big fire pit, a horseshoe pit, and a couple of picnic tables. The beavers cooperated with a dam to provide a swimming hole. Now we will be able to enjoy that area rain or shine, which is especially nice for large group gatherings.

Charlie and I are not carpenters. We helped pay for the materials, but we are not at home with nail guns and backhoes. But after all the company went home on Sunday, he helped me put up a Roman Shade in our cabin's upstairs bathroom, and also hang two little quilts of deer that I made years ago from a McKenna Ryan pattern. I think it was called Dusk to Dawn.

I also planned to hang Carolina Woodland Spring in the downstairs bath, which is a little dark and dingy. This quilt was inspired by the mountain woods and wildflowers, so why not bring it "home" where it will pretty up the place? The curtain rod I purchased to hang it actually stuck out about three or four inches from the wall, which took up too much room in this tiny little powder room. Maybe next trip! Our little nest is getting very homey now, with the river picture hanging over the dresser, and three new silk pillows to bring out more of the colors from the picture.