Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pretending I'm on HGTV

Kitchen table and windows

Back door to screened porch

I admit to being an HGTV junkie- even though they are going to less sewing/quilting and more home remodeling/decorating type shows. Of course I used to get up in time to watch Simply Quilts. Anyway, yesterday I decided to spend the day "redecorating" with things I already have, just moving them around. Motivation: my bee is coming over tomorrow night, and I got my new Monet print back from the frame shop.

I put a lot of little quilts and some of my dad's artsy cards on the narrow walls between my very tall kitchen windows. I moved a quilt from my Gammill room to the living room. I hung the Monet in the dining room and re-hung Daddy Grady's portrait (he fell off some time around Christmas!) This was my husband's maternal grandfather. And...I cleaned!

Anyway, it looks better. I am off on a quick trip to South Carolina for a little emergency child care. I am coming back tomorrow with my four-year old grandson, and we are taking him to the Asheville area Friday for my brother-in-law's wedding. So, busy, busy! I have a very nice surprise to blog about when I get a chance, and also a new king-size log cabin quilt to do for a customer.

Zinnias coming into bloom- I planted these on Mother's Day (May)