Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eye Candy for a Cause

While happily quilting away on the bright log cabin quilt this morning, I saw the mailman out the window come right down the driveway to the house. Ah, a package! Surely not either of my two Etsy purchases, already? So I came to a good stopping point and checked it out. Well, the box was undoubtedly yet another gadget my husband ordered. But I got some great mail---a photo CD I ordered from Tomme Fent with the Grab Bag quilt challenge pictures. This is another great cancer fund-raising project that I learned about from Virginia Spiegel's blog. For only a ten dollar donation to a Relay for Life charity, and $2.00 shipping to Tomme, you can have this CD that explains how each quilt was made from the products in each quilter's grab bag. So far, I have just run through the slide show, but I can't wait to read each artist's statement and study these quilts more intensely.
For those unfamiliar with Virginia Spiegel, she spearheads Fiber Art for a Cause, quilting art charity projects for the American Cancer Society that have culminated in over $160,000 raised so far. Among the projects she has coordinated are fiber postcards at Houston, Collage Mania exhibits.
I currently am signed up to make a 12" x 12" quilt for the With One Voice fundraiser. These are due in about a month. I have not started, of course, but have two ideas.

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