Monday, July 28, 2008

Quilt Design Wall

We actually stayed home this weekend, and I spent some hours on my sewing room "re-do." You may remember that back in February I cleaned everything out of my son's old room to make it my sewing room. My old sewing room is also on the third floor, but I had WAY outgrown the space with all my STUFF. I decided to move all the fabric and sewing machines to the other upstairs room, and use the old room for painting and crafts and my books. So, I painted son's room, and then I accepted a teaching job at the end of February. End of project until this weekend! We have travelled out of town almost every weekend since school was out in June.

Anyway, I have this lovely room with peach walls ragged with a yellow glaze.It is sunny and fresh. Since these rooms are actually finished attic space, the walls are slanted, limiting design wall space. I have had two of those sheets of pink builder's insulation for several years, covered with some of the boys' old blue flannel sheets. That was not going to cut it in my pretty new space, so I used my JoAnn's 40% off coupon to buy some luscious thick felt in a warm beige color. It will look great in there, although I am not sure the color is the best choice for auditioning fabrics. I have heard taupe works well, so maybe these will be okay.

Anyway, it took me several hours to wrap the felt around these insulation slabs. After pinning the felt to the back, leaving about six inches to wrap around, I glued the edges with a hot-glue gun. The corners are sort of mitered to reduce bulk. Of course the slanted one was quite a challenge, and I did not cut at the proper angle to match the ceiling slant.
But they will work! I will get DH to bolt them to the wall for me. These insulation sheets are 4' x 8', which makes them difficult to move around if you have 8' ceilings. You can get the folks at the home repair superstore to cut them for you to the size you need. I mean, really, unless you have a pick-up truck, it is hard to get something that size even home from the store. We managed it in an SUV, but I ended up cutting off about eight inches. The insulation board is very light in weight, and cuts easily after scoring with a razor blade. (Exacto knife.) I wrapped the cut edges in wide clear packing tape to keep the little pink slubs from getting everywhere.
DH was supposed to help me install shelving, pegboards, window blinds and curtain rod, etc., but he had his own to-do list this weekend. But I think we are staying home again next weekend, so hopefully, I can get my space organized soon.
I have four customer quilts waiting for me, so I better get going.
For those who are nature lovers out there, here is a peek at our second brood of four baby bluebirds this year. They look big and blue, so I bet they will be leaving their hot little box this week.


Vicki W said...

Those are nice design wall boards! Mine work great nut that are sloppy and lame. I really need to take a day and out up something nicer like this.

Thanks for the bluebird photos, I have been missing my babies!

LynnS said...

I am still in the process of moving from a bedroom to a larger studio downstairs. Every time I try to organize, I get lured to work on a quilt or do some type of sewing. I need blinders on.

You'll love having the design wall.

Cathie said...

I just KNEW I'd see a post from Vicki here (under the birdie picture!) Love the beginings of your sewing room - the walls are so pretty.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I love the walls! I'm working on a new studio, and now I'm wondering if I can figure out how to do the walls like that, they're beautiful!

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