Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Annual Jefferson Oktoberfest

We took a short trip to Jefferson, NC on Saturday to check out the first annual Oktoberfest.  This was quite a big deal, since Ashe County did not even sell beer, wine, or liquor not very long ago.  For them to allow a biergarten was a big change.  It was held at the J&J Chophouse.  I've got to say, they have a long way to go to make this a destination for beer lovers.  I have been to many Oktoberfests, since my husband used to play trombone in the Little German Band of Raleigh.  They did have a German Band, and they did sell beer.  You had to go inside the restaurant for beer, and could only drink it inside the restaurant or on their tiny porch, or WITHIN THE YELLOW CRIME TAPE for Pete's sake!  I think they should have roped off an area and put out picnic tables and all the food vendors in one place.

The weather was perfect.  They had several things set up for children. My grandkids enjoyed the Bounce House.

We went inside the old Ashe County Courthouse, which is now a beautifully restored museum.  I enjoyed many of the exhibits.  Here is a cradle, baby doll, and quilt of the type I call a "biscuit" quilt.  You stuff little squares of fabric and sew them together for a puffy bed cover.

Here is a nicely carved wooden bed, a Trip Around the World Quilt, and loom-woven blanket.

They also had a loom, spinning wheel, and spun fibers outside.

There was a beautiful World War II bridal gown on display, 

as well as a beaded tea dress.  I thought the design was candlewick embroidery until I read the sign.

I liked this old doll whose head is made from a dried apple.  Hard to believe it is still preserved.

There were two pieces of furniture that were not antique pieces, but a special display of an artist's hand carved furniture.  This one is a remarkable 13-drawer chest of very original design.

The same artist, Cliff Little, created the Flame Chair, which they say is actually very comfortable.  

It reminds me of something from Game of Thrones.

After leaving the old courthouse, we wandered up and down the street.  There were some craft exhibits and other items for sale. 

I had to laugh at the "Antique" car show, which featured many cars from when I was in high school and college.  Camaros, Roadrunners, Dodge Chargers, even an old Corvair, which was our first car.

Lily was partial to this pink Dodge Dart.

One car was actually a rusty old truck that had a still on the back of it and a bullet-shattered window.

One fun vehicle was this old "woody" all ready for Halloween.

 Look who's in the back seat!

It was a fun afternoon, and we will look forward to visiting again next year.

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