Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall in Raleigh

Fall is looking colorful and beautiful here in central North Carolina.  Our leaves are at the peak and I am enjoying our very woodsy yard.

I have put out baskets of mums by our front door, and the camellias in the garden beds have decided to bloom.  I put a little quilt banner in the garden.

I took our dog for a beautiful walk around Durant Nature Park in north Raleigh.  We both enjoyed the lakeside trail and the colorful reflections in the water.  (I enjoyed the reflections, she enjoyed the water!)

I have been dabbling at the two portraits that I started in my watercolor class, but I think I should have left them alone.  Too much mucking about can ruin them.  I'm still not satisfied...  but here is a funny little portrait I did in one of my journals.  The lady started out as a cosmetics ad in a magazine.  She probably never dreamed of being quite this colorful!

I have been enjoying my baby granddaughter, who turned ten months old this week.  She has been practicing walking behind this toy I bought her.

She took her first steps when I was there on Tuesday!  Look out world, here comes Charlotte!  But she also LOVES to watch Sesame Street.  Up close and personal!

This weekend we are staying in town.  My husband and his partners are throwing their annual client pig-picking on Saturday.  His brother, who does Elvis impressions, will be arriving tonight with his wife, Phyllis.  We are going to take them to the Angus Barn along with our friends Pauline and Tom.

When they leave Sunday, Charlie is driving to the mountains to be there for a Monday morning meeting with the contractor, site manager, crane operator, and concrete trucks.  We are getting close to getting the foundation ready for the modular log cabin.  It is sitting in a parking lot in South Carolina, wrapped in Tyvek, waiting for our lot to be prepared.  Lots of government red tape to deal with.  One of these days we will have a house in the mountains!

On Monday, I am hosting my art quilt bee.  I have been trying so hard to get boxes unpacked and find places for everything  but almost every room has a corner piled with stuff that has not yet found a home.  Oh, well, we will work around it!

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