Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

It has taken most of the last two days, but I am ready to head to the mountains!  I'll be taking a watercolor class all next week with Fealing Lin, an artist from the Los Angeles area.  She paints gorgeous, colorful portraits that glow with light.

I have even cleaned my paint palette and loaded it up with fresh paint!

I never did find my tabletop easel.  I also could have used my light box, which has gone missing, and an entire block of Watercolor paper that I bought on sale earlier this year just for this workshop!  That is the fun of moving.

I probably own about 60 paintbrushes, both my own and the ones that belonged to my dad.  But I will need to buy some more, because I need some big round brushes for this technique.

It should be so pretty to drive back and forth to  Cheap Joe's in Boone, NC, from our cabin each day.  Nothing like October in the mountains!

It is getting pretty here, too.

The workshop does not begin until Monday, so we have three full days of mountain fun ahead.

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