Monday, October 14, 2013

High School Reunion and Revisiting an Old Project

It has been cloudy or rainy for more than a week now.  I am ready for some October blue skies and vibrant autumn color!

Saturday, Charlie and I attended my forty-fifth Cary High School reunion.  Man, how did that much time go by?  It was held at a beautiful location on Montague Lake in Apex.  There was a nice shelter so the drizzling rain did not dampen the spirits.

Can you find me in this photo?  You would be doing very well to find me since I am partially hidden.   My blond head is in the back right behind a lady with a black jacket.  There were lots of people taking pictures so maybe we will see more of them soon.

We had a couple of visits with Dave, Emily and Baby Charlie over the weekend since we kept our Granddog, Roo, for the weekend.  She absolutely loves Kasey's fluffy tail, so one of us has to keep watch close by.  So far both dogs have been smart enough to get up and move when Baby C comes to pet them!

I have had a hard time trying to decide what artwork and quilts to hang in our Raleigh home.  All the wooden slats for hanging quilts seem to have disappeared...or at least I couldn't find the right slats to fit the proper quilts.  I went to Lowe's and bought two eight-foot long pieces of lat, a saw and miter box, and my very own lightweight Black and Decker drill, and now I am in business.

The box made by Stanley Tools has adjustable clamps (the two black pegs) to hold the wood in place.  There are slats in the yellow box where you insert the saw to get a straight cut.  When the board is cut to the width of the quilt, you drill holes in both ends, insert in hanging sleeve, and then you can hang your quilt with two nails or screws.  No more waiting for sweet DH to help me saw and drill.  I am woman, hear me saw!

I have really been trying to fix up the bedroom that will be my painting and sewing studio.  It has been very difficult because the movers piled it with furniture and boxes from floor to ceiling.  I actually unpacked and set up my sewing machine yesterday, and will try to hang my design walls and pegboards on the walls this week. 

While I was rummaging through the boxes, I found this little forgotten piece that i started a few years ago.  I was making quilts in the style of Larkin Van Horn's Shards after taking a workshop with her through Capital Quilters Guild.  

I had already found my bead box, since I was working on the flower challenge, so I started adding some embroidery and beads to the piece for fun.  It was already machine-quilted

Now it looks like an undersea scene.  I'm not sure I like the word sincerity on there (which was printed on Extravorganza)  so I might paint over it.  I think I need some seashells at the bottom.

The other pieces I made in this method were mounted on artist's gallery canvas and sold at a benefit auction for $45 and $60.

I am leaving on Thursday to go to our mountain place, and I won't be coming home for ten days!  I signed up to take a watercolor painting class at Cheap Joe's in Boone.  More details to come!  Meanwhile I have to find my tabletop easel, which has still not turned up.  I might have to buy a new one while I am at Cheap Joe's!

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