Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Star Dance Progress, and A Good Coffee Table for an avid Reader and Quilter

You may remember the little art quilt I started as my first sample project from Vikki Pignatelli's Quilting by Improvisation. I decided to attempt quilting it on the Gammill with metallic thread. Well, this is an experimental piece, right? I had only done one other quilt on the longarm using shiny threads. The thread has to ravel a long way on the Gammill from the spool to the needle. I had good luck with Superior metallic gold and Glitter silver. The narrower spools such as Sulky had much more breakage. After quilting the "dancing" I took it off the machine, and will finish some free motion in the dark areas on my trusty old Bernina 1260. I really did not fuss too much about the tension, because I am going to use Vikki's faux binding method to finish the piece. The quilting was only done through the top and the batting. A fabric backing will cover all the little blobs and pokies when it is finished. Look out for some surprises, because this little quilt is no "square!"

This is what the back looks like now. Not so good, but it won't matter with this new method.

We went furniture shopping in the mountains last weekend and got some great new pieces for the cabin. They are handmade solid wood cabinets. One is an oak double-door cupboard, and one looks like a computer wall unit with hutch and lower cabinet. But, it has glass-fronted cabinets and doors of all sizes. While we were there we finally bought a new coffee table for our home. Isn't this one perfect for someone constantly thumbing through quilt mags, working on stitchery, doing crossword puzzles, or reading novels? Lots of storage space to hide it all. This is another hand-made oak piece. We got all of it at Antiques on Main in West Jefferson, but they are not antiques.


Dave said...

Did 1978 call and ask for its coffee table back?

Glad to see you finally get to replace that old thing!

Vicki W said...

All of my furniture has to have a storage component - this piece would have drawn my attention too!