Monday, July 16, 2007

More Mountain Updates

What a great weekend in the North Carolina mountains! On Thursday, we visited my brother from Florida and his family in Todd, NC, where they had rented a cabin with a killer view! Had a great dinner with them and my dad and brother John.

On Friday, we headed to Laurel Springs. As we crossed the bridge to our place, there was a nice stand of rhododendrun, or "laurel" in bloom along the creek.
When we got to the cabin, Charlie and I put up the window boxes he had given me for our anniversary and my birthday. They look good planted with some red and white flowers! I had to plant the upper level ones by leaning out the kitchen and bathroom windows.

Our trips to the top on the Gator were spectacular. In the summer, Mother Nature adorns the Christmas trees with wildflowers. Just as pretty as any ornaments!
There were deer all over the place this weekend. A fawn came right out onto the dirt road through the tree farm on top, and there was a six-point buck with velvet on his antlers in one of the lower fields! That got the deer hunters excited and anxious for the fall. If you click on the photos, you will see an enlarged shot, and might be able to spot the deer. Our son and grandson from South Carolina were there, so we really enjoyed their visit. Unfortunately, they forgot to take Lily's quilt home with them when they left! Next time, maybe.
Today I had a root canal on a molar. I have had the toothache for two weeks. Boy, did I choose the right endodontist. The chair was a lounge with tempurpedic cushion. I got to pick from about a hundred movies that I wanted to watch from these goggles. Lucky me, they had The Graduate, one of my favorite all-time movies, with the soundtrack that my husband and I fell in love to back in the early seventies. That really helped!

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