Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Getting it done

Yesterday I knuckled down and finished quilting two customer quilts. I've heard of Christmas in July, but how about June? This quilt is a table runner. I had fun doing freehand poinsettias, holly, and pine tips in Rose Petals variegated thread. I decided to use a gray Bottom Line thread in the bobbin to minimize any "pokies" in the stitching as this top thread ranges from a deep burgundy to a light pink. It does not do anything for the pieced back in red and green, but who will see the back on a table runner?

The same customer brought me a small quilt in lovely fall fabrics that I call Harvest Spice, because the colors in the fabrics look like those in the Harvest Spice quilt pattern. She chose pine green cotton thread, which does not show up in the borders, but is strongly contrasting on the beige backing fabric. That lends a little extra pressure not to show any bobbles or knots on the back. The triangles were done in Line Dancing with a leaf design, and I used various leafy feathers and leaf vines in the border stripes.There are more photographs of both of these quilts on my Webshots site.
Today I want to work on the wall-hanging quilt for granddaughter Lily. She will be one year old on June 13 while we are at the beach. I doubt her quilt will be finished by then, but I will try to have it done by the following week when the guild meets. At the June meeting, there is a big show-and-tell of all the workshop projects that have been completed over the year. It would be nice to have something to show for my two days with Melody Crust! I don't really have anything from the Shiva Paintstix/foil workshop since I sold the postcards I made there. But this little wallhanging will have buttons, beads, embroidery and yo-yo's that can represent the Embellishments workshop.

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