Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beach Blanket Bloggo

Checking in midweek from Sunset Beach, NC! We have found several wireless connections available, so I thought I would post a few pictures. We are having such a restful but fun time here. One day was slightly cloudy and it has rained twice, both times after a full day on the beach. The only bad thing is that son Dave threw his back out trying to hoist the cooler up the steps of the walkway to the beach. That has put a slight damper on the fun. Today our other son Bryson and his family should be arriving. Their little boy Avery had to get stitches in his chin on Saturday after falling on their concrete driveway, so hopefully he will get the doctor's OK to come to the beach today after they are removed. Today is granddaughter Lily's first birthday- can't wait to see her!

Hat night was the first night, as always. Here are a few of us trying to figure out how to have fun.

Me, hubby Charlie, brother John, sister Katy

Daughter-in-law Emily and me

Son Dave and Em

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