Monday, July 23, 2012

More Storage Ideas...and a Blast from the Past!

Here are a few more free storage containers, most of them courtesy of products from Sam's Club.  The shorter jars with the blue lids contained cashews, and make great storage jars.  The taller plastic jars contained the sinfully delicious peanut butter pretzels.  We had to quit buying those...very habit-forming!  Since I have no water supply on the third floor, I also use those tall jars to tote water upstairs.  One is full of clean water, and the other is used to pour dirty water into when I am painting.

The colorful box on the right of the top shelf is just cardboard covered with wrapping paper and a computer print-out of an art quilt of mine.  I added some ribbon trim to make a pleasing container.  The hummingbird box is just covered with some paper napkins that I liked.  I added some acrylic varnish so it would not tear.

I have a large supply of free painting palettes that used to be plastic lids, bowls, and containers.  I reach for one of these when mixing paints or pouring small amounts of product from a jar. is my work desk in the former sewing room.  When last I showed it, there were so many jars of gesso and gel medium and other stuff, you could not even see any wood.  Now I am ready to paint the walls.

Since this room is actually an attic space, there are numerous little access doors to the eaves.  I opened this one yesterday to see what, if anything, might be stored behind it.  It's like a little Hobbit door, just a few feet tall.

Luckily I found something we had been searching for...the wooden ladder to our bunk beds!  Our boys had a set of those wooden bunk beds made from wooden crates in our last house when they shared a room.  We didn't need them in this house with its extra bedrooms, so I guess it got stashed in here when we moved in.  We think we will set up the bunk beds in the new mountain cabin for the grandkids.   Also, there were two boxes which were like opening a 1960's-70's Time Capsule!  I believe these boxes were in the attic in our very first house!

The first thing I pulled out was a very full cloth bank bag.  Did my husband rob a bank back in the 70's and forget to tell me?  Nope, it was full of cancelled checks and bank statements.  Most of them were to grocery stores that no longer exist.  I had forgotten about the Big Star, Colonial Food Store, and of course the A&P.  There was a check for $14.00 to Southern Bell, one of the baby Bells that no longer exists either.  That included our long-distance charges.  Remember those?

Remember waiting to get your bank statement in the mail each month, accounting for all the checks you wrote, and hoping it matched the amount written down in your check book records?  Sure don't miss that.  Here is a bank draft for our first house payment.  Yup, $331.00.  Sure wish that was what we still paid each month!

My husband has always been fond of purchasing technology devices.  Here is a Panasonic AM-FM radio, and a Kodak Instamatic camera.

Speaking of seventies, doesn't this little wall-hanging that I made just scream 70's colors?  Yikes, look at those legs embroidered with thick orange yarn!

This bowl must have been a 1971 wedding gift.  It was once silver or silver-plate. Forty-one years later, it is a wee bit tarnished!

Guess I better quit typing and start painting.  Next time I will show you what was in the other box!

Don't forget to leave a comment on my previous post if you are interested in a pattern and some fabric squares to make a Japanese Lanterns quilt top.


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Katie said...

Wow. Indeed a blast from the past. :-)