Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Surprise! I Did Some Quilting!

It was rainy again today...we are in a kind of holding pattern for the weather system that is making it kind of dreary outside.  I decided to do a little quilting.  Although I have turned down most of my customer's quilts since May or June,  I couldn't resist this little baby quilt made by Jessie.

These colorful little boats are rocking and rolling on the sea, so I quilted in some waves and a few fish.  You can see them better on the backing.

This little quilt reminds me of those gingham sun-suits that little boys wear...over their father's objections!

Speaking of little boys, we had two cute little ones at our cabin last weekend.   My sister had three three-year-old girls at her place, as well as darling four-month old Holly.  But the littlest baby of all came up on Saturday...brand new Clay, only six weeks old!  Congratulations, Matt and Stephanie!

The favorite outdoor activity was sitting by the creek and watching the little ones playing in the water.

We had a cookout on Saturday night in honor of Bryson and Melissa's wedding.  My dad was pleased that five of his seven children were able to make it.  Here are my sister-in-law Beth, brothers Tim and Pat, Dad, sister Katy, and me.  My brother John and his wife Patti also were there.

Here are the honorees, Bryson and Melissa.  That's my niece Melinda to the left.

It has been a tradition for the past six July Fourth weekends for Dave and Emily to camp out with several couples that they have been friends with since college.  This year it was Matt and Summer with little John, and Aundrea and Michael with little Samuel.   They are all expecting again, along with our very own Dave and Em!  We are so happy!

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