Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ruffled Apron for Symposium Raffle

Each time that the Capital Quilters Guild has hosted the North Carolina Quilt Symposium recently, we have had a silent auction of some sort of garment to raise money for charity.  We have done the art bras, boxer shorts, purses, and this year, the apron.  Aprons have been resurging in popularity  lately, and over sixty people have agreed to make one for Symposium.  I finished mine last week.

I found a free pattern for this ruffled apron on the Internet on a blog called One More Moore

I used some fabric by Tina Givens of right here in Wake Forest.  It has fairies and some coordinated prints in yellow, salmon, and brown.

I found out it is hard to photograph an apron without a manikin or model, and I don't think The Hubs or Kasey wants to be it.

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