Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blue and White Sampler Quilt Top

I was able to finish the blue and white sampler quilt top last week in time for the Whacky Ladies Bee meeting on Thursday night.  All I had to do was add the white border strips, navy blue flange and the last block border which was partially assembled.  Doesn't it look handsome!

I will try to get this quilted ASAP so I can turn it over to the binding team and get it done before the July guild meeting.

I almost did not make it to the bee meeting.  I went to four stores Thursday afternoon to find the supplies for my Friday morning class at Symposium.  On the way home my "Check Engine Light" came on, and the car started vibrating and shaking.  I went to four places to try to get it checked out.  One of the auto parts stores had a hand scanner that checked the code, and found out that Cylinder 2 was misfiring.  Since I just had a tune-up at the Subaru place, Charlie took it back there the next day.  It was a loose wire,  all fixed now at zero charge since it was their fault.  Yippee!

My father, who has been recuperating from pneumonia and some other health problems,  moved out of the nursing care facility in Boone, and has moved in with my sister and her husband near Greensboro, NC.   We are so grateful that Katy will be his caretaker, with help from Hospice nurses and CNA's.   He just was not getting any better or stronger.  Maybe now he will perk up a little! He sounded happy on the phone tonight, sitting on the back porch and watching the lightning bugs.

Some Quilt Symposium reports coming soon!  I have a class tomorrow morning with Frieda Anderson, which I am looking forward to.


Elizabeth said...

Oh I am so very happy for you that your Dad was able to get out of that Place!!! Who wouldn't be happier watching lightning bugs on the back porch on a lovely summer night!!!!You all must feel so much better about this situation!!!
Your quilt is STUNNING by the way- my favorite color combo the classic blue and white!!! I do love the outer border!!!Was this a team effort or all you???
So glad that the car got fixed and that you have a wonderful class to show and tell us about! Life is GOOD!!!!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

It is a gorgeous quilt.