Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, only four days after my darling husband replaced my lost camera, bag, and memory chip and bought an insurance policy for the new one, I reached into my big quilted tote bag and pulled out my old camera bag.  It just jumped into my hand.

All the parts are interchangeable, so I now have four batteries, four memory cards, and a backup camera.

The old one actually was on its last legs.  It has been in the shop several times because the lens would not retract.

Now I have one I can take on the beach and not worry about.

Here is my seven-year-old grandson playing ladder ball.

And horseshoes.

We have two other little ones with us...granddaughter Lily, and a friend's little boy named Caden.  Here they are learning to play ladder ball with Dave and Charlie.

Sunset Beach is a wonderful family beach...not too crowded, and lots of sandy beach.  We have seen quite a few dolphins swimming just beyond the breakers.

And it is a good place to celebrate your birthday!  Here's Lily celebrating her fifth!

That quilted tote bag is full of journals and some handwork projects, but they have not been touched yet.  I'd rather play with the kids while they are here. 

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