Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heritage Star is Quilted

Here is another project I have checked off my Pre-Vacation To-Do List:  the quilting of The Whacky Ladies Bee blue and white auction quilt for Heritage days.


I used the a technique similar to the  "Flurry of Angels" by Jamie Wallen and Nichole Webb (No Boundaries) for the quilting in the patchwork block and striped borders.

I put a curly motif in the white narrow border.

For the center medallion star, I put big swirls in the blue areas.  I wanted to do some close quilting in the white areas so they would recede to the background.  I decided to do pebble stippling, a decision later to be classified in the "What Was I Thinking?" category.

The pebbling looks great, but is more or less a form of longarm torture!

The backing is a light blue fabric.  There is not actually a bulge in the quilt!

This is a group effort by the Whacky Ladies Bee.  I am handing it off to Marilyn and Kathy for the binding and hanging sleeve, and Lori has offered to make an embroidered label.

Today I am off to visit my father at my sister's house near Greensboro before we leave for vacation on Saturday.  I am hoping that Dad will be strong enough for them to join us at the beach for a few days.

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Vicki W said...

That turned out great!