Monday, June 27, 2011

Back Home

I was gone on vacation for two whole weeks.  It was fun to survey the yard and see what was in bloom when I got home.

I planted marigolds, zinnias, and mixed sunflowers in a garden bed at Easter.  All but the zinnias are in full bloom.



 I have quite a variety of day lilies, which are putting on a big show right now.  Among my favorites are this double orange day lily

and this lemon one.

The lavender next to the little pond is going crazy, and is covered with bumblebees.

There is a nice stand of red monarda, or bee balm, in the back.  These are among the herbs and flowers I planted to attract hummingbirds.

I was so glad to get my dog back from the kennel.  She has had a week to let her hair grow back after being "shorn"  for the summer.  I think she has lost some of the scalped look.  Her fur is still nice and soft.  We went for a walk on the green way this morning.  She always enjoys a nice drink from the creek.

We had just started on our walk at the Wake Forest end of the green way, when I heard a rustle in the woods nearby.  I had not even gotten my camera out of the bag, when I looked up and saw a large doe walking in the opposite direction along the fence.  I froze in place, got out the camera, and we slowly backtracked until we spotted the deer near the end of the fence.  It crossed the green way and disappeared into the woods.

We did not see any other wildlife quite as exciting, but we did come across this nice shy box turtle near the creek.

It is good to be back home.

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Katie said...

So glad to see your garden is doing well despite the lack of rain.

We had a fox run through our yard on the weekend. My son saw it flash through. I wasn't quick enough.