Friday, May 20, 2011

Whacky Ladies Auction Quilt

Yesterday was another sew-in day for the Whacky Ladies quilt bee.  Mission:  assemble the sampler quilt for the Heritage Days auction.  Once again, Betsy at Quilts Like Crazy right here in Wake Forest allowed us the use of their space to work on the quilt.

Here is Carolyn with one of the outer borders of 12-inch blocks.

That bear paw block on the right was left over from a quilt that I started back in 1987 or thereabouts and finished in 1998!

The ladies finished making the scrappy blue stripe border.  Here is Irene hard at work on the machine while Donna does some trimming.

Here is Sharon after trimming a last strip to fit.

Donna figured out how to sew the striped borders so that the stripes march around the center medallion.

It was fun to work together in such a colorful place with inspiring quilts everywhere you look.

By the time we "ran out of gas" at about 4:00, the white sashing was cut to size, and we decided to add a narrow flange of dark blue between the white border and the outer blocks.  I took it home to complete the final seams and then quilt it on my longarm.

Last night was the May meeting of the Capital Quilters Guild.  We are all abuzz because we are hosting the North Carolina Quilt Symposium in just two more weeks.  Last night we turned in our quilts for the show.  I am entering two quilts from last year.

Maggy Trees a Coon is entered in the Pictorial Quilt category.

Japanese Garden is entered in Wall Quilts, Small.

Last night I turned in three charity quilts for the Quilts on Wheels program.  I won a door prize- a green "honeybun" roll of fabric.

Our guild has a large stash of donated fabric.  Carolyn Ruby from Cyberbee, my group that has been in charged of Quilts on Wheels for the past two years, made lots of honeybuns and jellyrolls from the stash to serve as door prizes for those who make quilts for the charity.

We had a very entertaining and informative program about organizing your quilting space.  The speakers were two ladies from Kernersville, NC, who are now professional organizers.  I could relate to the "Before" pictures of the wreck of a sewing room. 

I did not take any photos at the meeting, but would like to direct your attention to My Sandbox to see the beautiful mystery quilt that Katie Greenwood finished just in time to turn in for the Symposium show.  So many pieces!  She did a fantastic job, and quilted this on a domestic sewing machine.

Leaving for the mountains today.  Some R&R at our mountain place, and a trip to Boone to check up on my dad, who is still in the nursing home trying to recover his strength after his hospitalization for pneumonia.


Cathie said...

Maggie Trees a Coon is a sure win!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jeanne for all the work you have done and are doing to coordinate our efforts to create this beautiful charity quilt. Irene

Elizabeth said...

Sucha wonderful newsy post!! You ahve been very very busy!! Love the two quilts that you have entered - especailly Maggie Trees a Coon!!! Fabulous!!
I hope that you get some good peaceful rest!! I am thinking of you and your Dad and hoping that he can indeed rally soon!! You are in my prayers!!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The green honey bunn looks like it will be fun.