Monday, May 16, 2011

Biting Off the Nose to Spite the Face?

We had a very enjoyable weekend.  Our son Dave, daughter-in-law Emily, and their dog Roo joined us on Saturday to attend the wedding of a family friend. 

The dogs got to stay home while the adults went to Brier Creek Country Club for the lovely wedding.  It was supposed to be outdoors at 5:00, but at 4:15 it started to thunder and lightning and rain.  Plan B was quickly put into effect for an indoor ceremony.  Just as Ashley walked down the aisle, the sun emerged through the clouds.  I took my camera, but neglected to re-insert the memory card, so no pics of the gorgeous table decorations or wedding.

You may remember that Roo sometimes gets a little anxious when he is left behind in the house.  Back in December he put an end to the fake fur kitties we have had for years.  At his house, he has chewed up a down comforter and most recently, Emily's eyeglasses. 

When we arrived home after the wedding, I immediately spotted what he had done for entertainment this time.  Yes, an entire box of tissues was shredded on the floor.  Apparently, Roo had the need for a little more fiber.  Here is one of my art quilts, The Green Man, Pre- Roo:

and here it is, Post-Roo:

This quilt had been atop a small table in our living room.  So, it was within easy dog reach.  My bad!

The Green Man used to have a dimensional nose made of woven together fibers, and some fiber eyebrows that jutted out from the face.  That's what you see in the pile of fluff next to the quilt.

Also on this quilt, there is no binding.  I left the edges untrimmed, and zigzagged lots of fibers around the edges.  One corner was left kind of ragged on purpose.

Roo decided to chew the opposite corner to match.

So, if he was going to chew up one of my quilts, he actually made an excellent choice!  This should be fairly easy to repair.  Or not!  Maybe The Green Man will have a new story to tell.

Roo is being introduced to The Perfect Dog System.  I sent Dave and Emily home with my double set of DVD's!

Actually, I think it is kind of funny that Roo picked The Green Man's nose for him. 

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