Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Journal Pages

I got busy on the scanner today, and have pictures of some of my newer journal pages.

The first one is for The Sketchbook Challenge.  This month's prompt is "Can't Resist This."  Who can resist a little cutie like this happy baby?

To play on the word "resist,"  I spread some gel medium on this next page and scratched some floral designs into it before painting.  This one is in my favorite journal, my Moleskine. 

The next one should have been done in my mixed-media journal.  Instead, it is on sketchbook paper, and is curling a bit from all the collage and gel medium I used.  The quote by Vera Brittain:  "I thought that spring would last for ever more- for I was young and loved, and it was May."

The next one is an example of a spread where I kept adding stuff and did not know when to stop.

Here is another page starring my dog, Kasey.  I painted the tree first with gel medium to add some texture.

I painted this girl's face and hair with gesso for a first layer, so her hair especially is kind of dimensional.

I have been practicing my Zentangles in my Zentangle journal.  I have going through the  Alpha Tangle book by Sandy Steen Bartholomew and making tiles of each tangle while riding in the car on the way to the mountains.

And, because I have a set of watercolors at the cabin but had no watercolor paper handy, I tried coloring some of the Zentangles with paint.  I 'm not sure how successful that looks.

That's it- I have been working on another art quilt for my Pamela Allen online class, Figures and Faces.  I hope to have something to show tomorrow.

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