Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caribbean Sunset Customer Quilt

Here is a customer's quilt that I finished some time ago, but she just picked it up yesterday.

Jo Ann Gilbert based this quilt upon a photo she took from a cruise ship.  Jo Ann is a very artistic quilter who has won awards at big shows.  One of her quilts was featured on a book cover.

On this quilt, she really made the sunset and reflections glow.

It was hard to tell where the sky ended and the water began, so I quilted everything with sort of a cloudy-like, wavy meander.

Jo Ann pieced the backing and batting to use up her fabric and supplies, but it was a little too short on the sides to mount on the machine. 

I added muslin strips and did a lot of basting to keep the quilt taut.

She made a label and stitched it on so it would be sewn in with the quilting.  I have several customers who do that.

I think some of the sunset fabric was from fabric painter Mickey Lawler.

We will be going to the mountains for the Memorial Weekend and staying until Monday.  No Internet service there.  Have a safe weekend!

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