Monday, May 23, 2011

May Mountain Weekend

The weather was perfect and the mountains were beautiful.  Charlie and I took both our dog, Kasey, and our son's dog, Roo, with us to Laurel Springs, NC on Friday.  It is heaven for doggies to be able to run free up and down the hills and jump in the creek when they get hot or thirsty.


The flame azalea was in bloom in various shades of orange.  I knew we had one in the back yard at the edge of the woods, but did not remember this one in the front above the dam.


At the top of the mountain where it levels out, there is a large patch of flame azalea in the woods, which deserves its name when shining in the sun.


Of course, our beautiful doggies looked even more beautiful decked out in spring wildflowers!


Come to think of it, that bit of frivolity may have caused Kasey's very bad behavior a moment later.  We were riding in the Gator along a dirt road in the tree farms that is also enjoyed by horseback riders.  Kasey took a flying leap and dove into a spot in the grass, rolling herself in the delicious smells of a nasty green pile of liquid horse poop! 

You can see the mess she made of herself, which did not wash off in the creek.


So, she had to get a bath when we got back to the cabin, and Roo got one for good measure.

Got to take the good and the bad (and the nasty) when you love your pets!

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