Thursday, March 10, 2011

Virtual Quilt Bee

Today I will share some pretty quilt projects that the Whacky Ladies exhibited at Show-and-Tell last week.  I love Show-and-Tell, don't you?  Please pardon the photos---it's hard to take good ones as they are being passed around a living room and briefly held up. 

The Whackies met Thursday night at Irene's house in Rolesville.  By the way, a tornado passed through Rolesville on Sunday...I live only three miles from there.  We had no damage, but a house was pretty torn up on North Main Street.

Janice started out with her projects.  The first is actually a Cyberbee "Big Blocks' swap project.  She and three others made the large daisy applique baskets.  She has used wool felt for the applique.  This is going to be a stunning quilt!

Janice also worked on a UFO Double Wedding Ring project.  I love this pattern, but have never attempted it, with all those curvy little shapes to piece.

Jean made a quilt for her cousin's fiftieth birthday.  The theme is beer!  She has used a commercial print, some patches, logos, photo transfers, and quotations like "Save Water!  Drink Beer!."  She got some flattened beer caps with holes drilled from mixed-media artist Michelle Bonds. I think he will like this gift!

I like the mug of beer she made for the label.  She used Angelina fiber to make the foam.

Marilyn belongs to a church that makes quilts to give to each baby when it is baptized.  Her very own first grandbaby is being baptized soon, so she volunteered to make his quilt. (In addition to the other ones Grandma has already made for him!) It features a print with cute little monkeys.

Jean now has a rival as Applique Queen in our bee. Our new member, Lori, is working on a beaded Baltimore Album quilt with a Halloween theme.  I believe it is a Block of the Month.  We are all dazzled by her work.

I mentioned last month that our guild, The Capital Quilters Guild of Raleigh, had Martie Michell as our guest speaker and workshop teacher last month.  Sharon took her log cabin class, and has finished the top she began in class.

When we came back from Hawaii, I was surprised to see that spring had arrived!  In my yard, the camellias and forsythia are in bloom.  Many of my neighbors have lined their driveways with Bradford pears.  Some of these plantings are now twenty years old, and they look spectacular!

I also had to snap of this huge forsythia at our neighbors' the Hutchinsons.  Charlie's grandmother used to call this shrub "Yellow Bells," a perfect name!

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I am soooo enjoying the spring landscape! :-)