Monday, March 28, 2011

Moist Mountain Weekend

We knew it was going to be cold and rainy, but we went to our mountain place last weekend anyway.  It had been more than two months since we went  up there, and we wanted to check it out for any winter damage.  Everything was fine.  It was not raining on Friday, and we were able to take a ride to the top of the mountain with my nephew Jason, his wife Robin, and our dogs.  While we were in our usual spot at the top in the Christmas tree farm, we heard what sounded like sirens.  Since there is no nearby road, turns out the sound we heard were coyotes!

Even though it has been another cold and snowy winter in Ashe County, many of the daffodils I planted along our driveway and down the hill have bloomed.

  I hope that one day the hill will be covered with daffodils as they multiply over the years.

On Saturday we went to visit my father again in Boone.  He is still not feeling very well, but we enjoyed our visit.  Charlie was able to get his wireless headphones working.  They had  been a gift from my sister, and I couldn't get them to work when I was there last week.  When you walk around the retirement home where my father lives, you hear a lot of loud televisions blaring from behind closed doors because so many older people are hard of hearing.  These headphones should help my father hear his TV better without having the volume turned all the way up.

We had to deal with intense fog as we came down the mountain.

We kept hoping there would not be a deer in the middle of the road as we came around a curve.

The usual mountain vistas were obscured by the mist.

Once we got to North Wilkesboro, the fog cleared.  There were many beautiful blossoming trees all the rest of the way home.  I think these are cherries.

Glad we made it home safely!  We hear it is snowing up there today.  This is ridiculous!

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