Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work-in-Progress Wednesday-Kitchen Counters

Need a little break today? Pause for a minute by Big Peak Creek in Ashe County, North Carolina.

Yesterday there was a lot of excitement Chez McBrayer. The granite truck rolled right up to the front steps. I was a little concerned about my granite making it from the truck to the kitchen. One of the two installers was holding his pot belly, bending over and moaning just before carrying in the 900 pound section for the island. Male labor pains? The guy blamed it on what he ate for lunch. But the fellows did an amazing job and it was quite fascinating to watch. I had to sit on the front porch when the smell of the glue starting pervading the house.

Now the counters and sink are in place. Mr. Quilty came home late last night. He was the one who had insisted on the fake-wood formica countertops when we bought this house. But he loved the shiny new granite. Said it looked like a new house! Today they are supposed to add beadboard and moulding to the island, install the faucets and hook up the dishwasher, and start the tile backsplash. However, no one has shown up yet.

Project for today: try to bind a 1970's polyester double-knit quilt. This is another one made by my sister-in-law's grandma. Fortunately, the quilt was tied with yarn, so I don't have to quilt it. I had to ask advice from the Longarm List about how to finish it. Wish me luck!


Cathie said...

Oh Jeanne, the light colored granite with the white cabinets really looks sharp. I do like "light" colored granite better than the dark - like what we have. How pretty!

Michelle said...

Jeanne - you lucky duck! Did you check Monica's blog? I want to see your prize when you get it!!!!!

Judy said...

Love your new granite countertops. We redid our kitchen last winter, including knocking down a wall. Quite a job but I just love the results. I've got a lot of pics on the blog...back in Feb & March, I think, if you want to take a peek.
I've been combing through your latest blog posts to see if you've completed your first Wild Onion Jacket. I just love mine and can't wait to get started on another.
Your mountain pictures are fabulous. We spend some special time each Fall and Spring at a lodge outside of Robbinsville, NC and just love I can sort of identify.


Unknown said...

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