Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quilting over the Label

Have just finished quilting a very pretty quilt for my friend Jean. She is incredibly generous to her nieces and nephews, making each of them a beautiful quilt for graduation. This one is a "Washington's Puzzle" pattern made in Oak Leaves and Reels fabric. The border is a print that looks like half-square triangles- great time-saver!

She chose an overall freehand with oak leaves and other leafy designs. I like the fact that Jean sews her labels on the back prior to the quilting. She does not care if it is centered, but the label is not likely to be removed if it is quilted right in to the backing.

I am still fooling around with my new Neocolor 2 Watersoluble wax crayons. Here is some color applied to dry muslin. I drew in some seaweed-looking lines in green over the blues.

Here is the same piece after applying a wet brush. Pretty!

Then I enlarged and added more form to the seaweed with Tsukineko inks to form my version of a kelp forest.

This is just for fun, but it might make its way into an art quilt or some fabric postcards.

If anyone is keeping up with my remodeling saga:

Days until client party: 23

Kitchen painting- done

Kitchen floor- done with beautiful porcelain tile

Kitchen counters- none! They made a template yesterday and had to take off the counters.

Kitchen sink and running water- none! Had to get an undermount sink for the new counters. They are supposed to install counters, sink, and backsplash next week.

Living room, foyer, and dining room floors- none! Now I have to wait for an inspector to come out and examine the faulty wood product that is still nailed to the floor, even though the new wood has been delivered and the old wood hauled off. This is annoying! I want my floor back!

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Cathie said...

Jean's quilt is beautiful. I saw it in person. Neocolors - I'd love to try those. I know Fannie does beautiful work with them and it looks like you are well on your way. Enjoy this beautiful weekend that is approaching!
PS No kitchen counters = NO cooking!!!