Monday, October 13, 2008

Mountain Therapy, Part Two

At the end of another stressful week, we finally got to our little mountain cabin on Friday night. The next morning, Charlie roused himself out of bed at 5:30 for one of his favorite pastimes, deer-hunting. It is still bow season. He did not see a buck until he was walking back, and one jumped out right in front of him. At least there is one buck on that mountain! After our usual breakfast at Mil's Stop and Shop Cafe, we headed into West Jefferson for some supplies. I had a brilliant idea to stop at Mt. Jefferson State Park. It is one of the largest peaks in Ashe County. Thomas Jefferson and his father surveyed the land along the North Carolina-Virginia border, and owned land here.

Charlie has been hunting in Ashe County for thirty-seven years, and had never been to the top of Mt. Jefferson. What incredible views!

Could you be stressed out in this location? NOT!
I loved it and took dozens of pictures. The trees have really changed color since last weekend.

If you are not able to hike, you can see the view from a drive-up scenic overlook. A short hike will take you to the rocky outcropping where I am standing.

When we finally dragged ourselves off Mt. Jefferson, I took a photo of this working water wheel fountain in a private yard. Very serene!

When we finally got to town, I took a picture of another mural of a fall scene painted on a wall in West Jefferson. Which is real and which is Memorex?This maple tree is across the street from the ABC store. For those not from the south, that is our Alcoholic Beverage Control, or liquor store. Remember we are in the Bible Belt.

When we finished our errands we drove back again on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This split rail fence is very typical along the Parkway. We stopped to buy some Sourdough Bread at the Northwest Trading Post.Can you tell I like those salmon-colored maple trees?

Here is a photo of the New River, snapped as we drove past in the car. This is the river that hosts our Fourth of July tube trip every year.

When we got home, everyone from our family "compound" was in the garden across the street at my brother-in-law's uncle's. It was time for the potato harvest.

Total : 26 bushels of potatoes and one large toad.

After the "taters" were all in the truck, I planted about six dozen more daffodil bulbs along our driveway. Charlie went back to the tree stand for another unsuccessful hunt. I got out my little baby Janome sewing machine and set up a quilting station on a picnic table in our yard. I had lots of six-inch flannel squares to sew together randomly for baby quilts.

Then I closed up quilt shop and headed out with my camera and doggy to capture more pics of our "hood" in the afternoon light.

Trees and sky reflected in the water.Peak Creek upstream.And downstream.I like this snag tree silhouetted in the sunshine over the creek.

I have lots more pictures, so tune in again to ATQ!


Unknown said...

You live in such a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

Stephanie D said...

I love the look on the little boy's face--how much joy a toad can bring!

I had to work this weekend, so we haven't driven the Parkway yet, but hopefully we'll get up there this week. Your photos are a compelling reason to plan a day trip, especially now that gas prices are down! Yippee!

I managed to get a few colorful photos just in my neighborhood today. It's such wonderful time of the year!

Karen E. Overton said...

Makes me homesick for my almost 20 years in the foothills of the Smokey's. (Tennessee) A blessing to see such colors and people in fall clothes (grin) it's still hot and humid down here around Houston - we generally get a day or two of fall - just not the beautiful colors to go with it -- until the quilt show comes to town! talk about colors!! Thanks for sharing your mountain therapy, I certainly enjoyed it!

Vicki W said...

I love all of your photos! For someone who can't spend much time outdoors, I really enjoy seeing it all from your eyes. I can almost hear, feel and smell it. Being from the Martinsville area, it all looks like home to me.

Cathie said...

There's nothing like quilting on a picnic table on a beautiful day! I've done it many times!