Friday, October 24, 2008

Wish I Had a Picture

Sorry no pic today, but here is a funny little story to add to my post about my State Fair quilt.

My husband is a State Fair fanatic. He and several of the guys at his office have an annual Boys Night Out at the fair every year. They eat their way from one end of the fair to the other. My husband and our friend Richard always win giant stuffed animals by shooting bulls-eyes with any kind of weapon from rifles to crossbows at those Midway games. Charlie is no longer allowed to bring these garish monstrosities home, so he usually finds a family on their way out to give them to. This time, they both were carrying armfuls of giant Shreks and Batman toys that they won at the machine-gun shooting contest. Faithful DH decided to show Richard my prize-winning quilt.

Just picture in your mind two graying stockbrokers in their late fifties carrying their toys and asking the State Fair quilt lady to turn all the racks of quilts to find mine.

Turns out they were looking at the racks on the right, and mine was in the rack on the left. When the attendant started flipping through the quilts, a small crowd of women gathered to ooh and aah over the quilts. My guys with their stuffed toys finally got embarrassed at being the center of this non-manly interest in the quilts, and went on without seeing my quilt.

I really hate this new display system at the fair, but I love this story!


Stephanie D said...

Too funny! Maybe they should have awarded one of the toys to the woman who could find your quilt.

Katie said...

I hate the new display system too. I wonder what we could suggest for them to improve it.