Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Amazing Race Journal Challenge

I have enrolled in another online journaling challenge hosted by Susan Lazar Wojtkowski   ("Irreversibly Moi") on Facebook.  This one will feature different geographical locations around the world.

The first stop is China.  Susan provided lots of geographical and cultural information, as well as links to learn more about Chinese culture.  I decided to browse the paintings at the National Art Museum of China.  Lo and behold, I fell in love with this lilac painting by Xiao Shufang.

Some of the other participants went all out and made special journals just for this challenge.  I decided to just fill up some pages in the watercolor and mixed media journals that I already have.

I went to my studio to grab one, and this was lying face open on my table.  

The night before the challenge began, I applied gesso over an acrylic painting that I did not like, and then sprayed purple watercolor paint over it.  I decided this was meant to be...and I used it as the background for my version of the lilacs.

It did not take long...the illusion of the light shining on the florets was already there, along with lots of texture.  I added some areas of color, the pottery vase and table, and then darkened the background.  A little time adding some flower petals and foliage, and it was done!

Lilacs, Jeanne Turner McBrayer, 2016.
There have been lots of great responses to the challenge already, including bamboo brush painting and paper cutting techniques.  Looks like this will be an interesting challenge with a variety of creative responses.

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