Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Catching Up

We spent Easter week and a little bit longer at our mountain cabin.  It was very restful, and I think it helped Charlie a lot to be off work for awhile and be in his "happy place."  We enjoyed walks and rides over the mountains, and also seeing all the nieces and nephews who came up for the opening day of trout season.

Most of the trout that were caught in the creek were transported to our fishing pond, so the kids can catch them again and again.

Here is my sister's granddaughter Holly enjoying the tire swing.

The trees up there still did not have any leaves.  They are a few weeks behind Raleigh.

But back home, it is dogwood and azalea time!  We have huge mounds of azaleas surrounding our Raleigh home.

Yesterday I went on an excursion with friends Marcia and Laurie.  We went to Pittsboro, North Carolina, to visit the French Connections shop.  Marcia wanted to select some fabric for her quilt featuring fabrics from Provence.

It is a most eclectic and charming shop in downtown Pittsboro!  In addition to fabrics from France, they carry fabrics and many other items from West Africa and lots of metal sculpture from Mexico.

If you look closely, you can see Yours Truly standing next to the giant metal rooster!

She ended up purchasing a yellow fabric with lavender sprigs for the backing, and a navy and yellow print for the binding.

After we finally finished buying fabric, we walked to the Pittsboro Roadhouse  for delicious chili and sandwiches.  Then we browsed our way back through some great little galleries and shops.

I found this chenille baby throw, which I intend to make into a quilt. It was less than twenty dollars at Reclamation Home Furnishings and Company.

Today I have been doing a little painting in my art journal and Bible.  I'll post that work another time. Tomorrow I am off to the North Carolina Museum of Art with my art quilt bee.  It's time again for Art in Bloom, a pairing of art work and floral masterpieces.  We really enjoyed it last year, and can't wait to see the new creations!

Here are some pictures from last year's event.

The exhibit is only Thursday through Sunday, so better reserve your tickets and make your plans if you want to go!

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