Friday, April 8, 2016

Art in Bloom 2016

Art in Bloom...a feast for the senses, a delight for those who love art and flowers!  This special exhibit is at the North Carolina Museum of Art through Sunday.  I went with two of my Anything Art buddies yesterday.

Many of the floral arrangements were inspired by paintings or other works of art in the museum's permanent collection.  They could have similar colors, shapes, textures...or just represent the concept of the artwork.

This huge arrangement of orchids was near the entrance to the museum.

Here is an example of an arrangement inspired by a painting.  We thought it was amusing and clever. Even the pottery represented the painting well.  It earned my friend Ruth-Ellen's Viewer's Choice award.

Portrait of Emy, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
Arrangement by Bonnie Mirmak, Pinehurst, NC

Proving that you can make something pretty out of almost anything, check out the arrangement made in a rubber tire, inspired by Raqqa II by Frank Philip Stella.

That's my friend Toni behind the arrangement!

Floral arrangement by Doug Odom, Purple Poppy Florist, Wake Forest, NC

Here is Toni's Viewer's Choice.  She is an archaeologist, and loved the arrangement whose structure and shapes were inspired by these African sculptures, specifically the one of the right called Veranda Post with Divination Priest and Drummer  by Lamidi Olonade Fakeye.

Floral arrangement by Debra Graham, Bloomers Floral Design, Burlington, NC.

 In fact, there were many arrangements inspired by sculptures rather than paintings.  I think it must have been a good starting point for the florist to structure their creations.  I loved this one inspired by Adoring Angel (German.)
Floral arrangement by Anahit Hakobyan, Viva La Flora, Laurel, Maryland.
It was fun to walk into the gallery space and try to guess which artwork inspired the arrangement.  I was sure that this one went with the painting behind it in the photo.
Floral arrangement by Kathryn Herdrich, The Watered Garden Florist, Raleigh, NC

Wrong!  It was inspired by this painting of Harriet Tubman helping some slaves to escape.  Hmmm.

Forward, by Jacob Lawrence
My Viewer's Choice vote went to this charming recreation of a country home with architectural elements and framed family photos.  It was not inspired by a specific work of art, but was a large standing exhibit.

Cydney  Davis-English, The English Garden, Raleigh, NC

There were so many wonderful shapes, textures, colors and fragrances to experience, both indoors and out.

We were at the museum for six and a half hours, including lunch and snack breaks.  It was a wonderful day with good friends.

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