Thursday, February 4, 2016

More Luscious Art from Cedar Creek Gallery

In addition to the special "CUPful" teacup exhibit, we enjoyed browsing through the rest of the gallery at Cedar Creek yesterday.

Every display is artfully presented, with lots of lush plants, glassware, paintings and hand-made furniture.

I would love of this glass art to go home with me some day.

Perhaps because I like to paint, I appreciate painted pottery.

Houseplants and greenery add softness and pops of color to the displays of hand-crafted items.

We all fell in love with these whimsical "sculptures on wheels" that resemble old-fashioned pull toys.

 I like vessels in unusual shapes and glowing colors.

 How I love those green shelves with curvy branch-like supports!

I was wishing the sun would come out to light up the glass ornaments both inside and outside.

Here are some more pieces from the artist who created my teacup.

I particularly loved this painting by Sid Oakley, founder of the Cedar Creek Pottery. (NFS)

Outside there are wooden outbuildings, gardens, birdhouses, and lots of metal and other sculpture pieces tucked here and there.

 These painted wooden birdhouses with loopy poles are affordably priced at $130.00 and would certainly be conversation starters in the garden.

And here are an assortment of inviting garden seats.

For those in the Raleigh area, the Cedar Creek Gallery is only a short drive north of Crabtree Valley Mall, and well worth the trip to "the country" to see and perhaps purchase some innovative objets d'art.  The "CUPful" exhibit ends on February 21, so think about a trip in the next few weeks if you would like to view the special tea and coffee cups.

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