Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life in Florida

They were still having technical problems with one of the radiation machines yesterday.  Another long delay.

Meanwhile, back at my brother's house...

They were enjoying this gorgeous sunset on the lake while we were driving home from Sarasota.

Last night there was a huge storm with thunder and lightning.  I lost a lot of sleep.

Apparently these otters who live in the lake had a rough time, too, and needed some drying out!  Can you see the otters sunbathing in the grass?

We have been binge-watching a series on Amazon Prime called Mozart in the Jungle.  It is about an oboe player from North Carolina who is trying to make it into the New York Symphony.  It is funny and quirky and delightful.  I highly recommend it!

Must get ready for the drive again.  It is taking about two hours now since it is tourist season.  At least we are not leaving at 5:45 AM like we did last fall.  I love my mornings!