Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Baby Quilt Top

I have had these blocks on the design wall for a couple of weeks.  Now they are sewn together.

Most of the fabrics were left over from my great-nephew Lucas's quilt that started with ten-inch squares.  I added some pinks for this version, which will be for his cousin Holly.   I originally wanted to just make half-square triangles, but half of those ten-inch blocks looked a little too large for a baby quilt.  I cut each HST in half again.  I lost a lot of the fabric that way when they were squared up, but I like the look much better.

These could have been set in hourglass style with the darks together and lights together, but I opted to set dark against light.  It makes a pinwheel set on point.

I auditioned several fabrics for inner and outer borders, and finally decided to just use this dark butterfly print.

The dark background makes the bright colors pop, and the colors in the print echo the fabrics in the blocks.

Lately I have been trying to use up my fabric stash instead of purchasing more.  The last few quilt backings I have made have been pieced.  I spent a good part of the afternoon piecing the backing for this quilt from coordinating fabrics.

I had to ask myself, "Why didn't I just spring for a few yards of fabric instead of doing all this piecing on the back?  But it will make the back of the quilt more interesting and colorful.

Now I need to find time to go out to Clayton to visit my Gammill at its foster mother's house.  We set it up out there to make my home look more spacious as it is on the market.  I sure do miss it!  We thought we had found some buyers last week, but the offer did not come through.  It's a process!

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