Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back From the Beach

Our annual family vacation at Sunset Beach, North Carolina, was the best yet.  While the Raleigh area suffered damaging thunderstorms, winds, and rains, we had beautiful beach weather every day.  There were a few lightning displays at night, but nothing to keep us from enjoying our beach week.

From the cottage that we rent, we have views of the Intercoastal Waterway, the marsh, and the Atlantic Ocean.  There are great sunsets to enjoy with an adult beverage and the ones that you love.

During the day we spent all of our time on the beach.  All together, my extended family had five cottages.  It was fun to see all the cousins playing together.

I love the photo I took of little Holly wearing my hat.  This might be a future painting subject!

Baby Charlie enjoyed the beach, but took advantage of the tent that her parents set up for nap time.  Cousin Lily joined her for a little nap a couple times.

When Charlie was not in the tent, she wore a little sunhat.  Here she is with her dad.

I always enjoy seeing the watercolors in the cottage done by Brenda Butka, one of the owners.  There was a new one in our bathroom that I just loved.  Wonder if that was me?

I like the colors in this picture of the marsh.

All good things must end, and this vacation did, too.  Monday through Wednesday I spent babysitting for little Charlie.  Such a delight!


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love your watercolors...and fun with family is the best.

Unknown said...

how def should do a watercolor of the little one in the hat. and the nap under the ' sweet.