Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whacky Ladies February Meeting

Thursday night was the monthly meeting of The Whacky Ladies, my local quilt bee.  We met at Irene's, who lives less than three miles from my house.  I will share some of the show-and-tell with you.

First of all, Donna Sontag finished quilting the stunning American Flag quilt that Kathy Miller and several other women made to give to the Veteran's Administration Hospital.

Donna really outdid herself on this one.  The white stripes feature stars and words written in script.  This quilt will be used to honorably drape the bodies of deceased Veterans at the hospital when they are being moved from their rooms.

Donna had other impressive work to show us.  She has been designing computerized patterns for customer quilts.  Here is a T-shirt quilt that has various-sized baseballs for the quilting pattern.  I was impressed that she even has the stitching on the baseballs included.

The next quilt is a customer's Double Wedding Ring with huge blocks.  She used a variegated blue thread with custom quilting. 


Here is the center block design, a cluster of oak leaves.

The back is solid white, and looks beautiful with the blue thread.

Donna also brought in a customer's quilt that has the Grinch Christmas fabrics.  Unbelievably, the quilter cut the notches around the panel figures to make them look lie postage stamps, and zigzagged around each one.

Lori has designing talents, as well.  She used a geisha panel fabric to make this oriental-style quilt.  The diamonds are made from the extra panel fabric cut into strips.

Carolyn is participating in the House Block a Day project, where you make a different 3" house each day of the year.  She is not sure she will make all 365, but she has made some really cute ones so far.

Marilyn was working on the applique border of this beautiful pineapple quilt.

Irene was not able to attend our Charity Quilt Sew-in Day in January, so she made a baby quilt at home from her own fabrics.  Yes, it is another Warm Wishes quilt.  Our bee has made many of these to donate! Sorry that Irene is sideways in this picture- sometimes Blogger does funny things to photos.

I showed my Mary Cassatt color study art quilt.  I wanted to make it more like the original Impressionist painting with lots of dappled sunlight and reflections.  I stenciled Shiva Paint Stix over a fern stencil, and I think it really added to the Impressionist look. 

Here is the original painting, Mlle. C. Lydia Cassatt, and my version in fabric with the addition of paint.

Here is how it looked before the paint was applied.  Quite a difference!

Janice brought a basket full of beautiful quilt projects, but I am going to refer you to her own blog to see them.  She is becoming quite the quilt artist!  Love the quilts on this post, as well.  Janice recently won 200 spools of Aurifil Wool Thread, and generously let each of us choose two spools to keep.  I have not tried mine yet, but am excited to give it a try!

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