Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art Quilts a la Pamela Allen

Yesterday was a fun day with my Anything Art quilt bee.  Last month we met at my house and I introduced the group to the Pamela Allen method of making art quilts.  Several of the ladies had made great progress on the projects they began at that meeting.

Roberta Morgan absolutely loved this improvisational method of quilting, and had several quilts in her signature bright colors that pop against black and white.  Her self-portrait with cat is a work-in-progress, eliciting big smiles all around.

She also made this teapot quilt that reminds me a bit of Mary Engelbreitt.

She also made a vase with flowers that is already finished.

Peg worked hard on her color study of a Monet painting.  We had several suggestions for her to improve the barn on the far left and to add a dark hillside behind the barn.  What was really fun was that the lavender cloud behind the house on the right looks like an ethereal spirit when you look at it closely.  Peg was not even aware of the ghost watching over the house!

We watched a Kerr Grabowski DVD about Deconstruction Screen Printing, and may try that as our next group project.

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Elizabeth said...

My goodness you ahve been stitching up a storm!! What fabulous work by you and your friends!! The Pamela Allen quilts are fabulous!! Where is yours!!!??? I have just finsihed my largest art quilt to date and it is hanging in the gallery where I am now a resident artist. i am having a blast with all of it. Would love to have you pop by and hear what you think of my poppy textile collage!!
Art On my friend you are an amazing textile artist- love your autumn barn- is that you Pam Allen Quilt?? I think that it might be!! Wonderful