Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It's off to work I will soon go...yesterday I accepted a half-time teaching job nearby! I worked at the same school full time last spring, and really liked the school, kids, teachers, and staff. I will be teaching either fourth or fifth grade, probably doing math and reading instruction. Last year I saved all my teaching money and used it to renovate and upgrade our kitchen and the floors downstairs. This year I will be using the extra money to pay bills. I feel very blessed to get this job. I hope I will still have some energy to do some Quilty Things since it is only a half-time job. My preference would have been to work mornings, or work a couple days a week. Unfortunately, this job will be every afternoon. So, if I am to get anything done, I will have to put an end to my morning lolly-gagging habits! I am very good at lollying! Anyway, I don't know when the job will begin, but it will probably be within a couple of weeks.

Once again I find myself participating in an intensive online workshop right at the same time I return to work. Last year, it was the Think Like an Artist class with Pamela Allen. This year, it is another Pamela Allen class called Still Life is Boring-Not! Many of us from the first class have "re-upped" for this one. I did my first homework yesterday...another black and white still life. This one is supposed to represent one of our favorite family with the fondue pot. When I got married in 1971, the fondue pot was a popular gift. We received three! The only one that was any good was one from Europe that we received from a family friend serving in the Army in Germany. We are still using this one. Mostly we fondue chicken, shrimp, and hot dogs in peanut oil, and then dip the cooked meat in barbecue sauce. Slow but savory eating!

The above piece is just glue-sticked down to batting, awaiting comments and "tweaking" from Teacher.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that I am a big Pamela Allen fan. In the last workshop, we also started with a black-and-white still life. Here is my finished piece from that first class.

Each piece of fabric is cut with scissors with no pattern, and then hand-stitched to the batting with embroidery floss. Then, you go wild with machine quilting. It does not show up on the front, but check out the back:All this is on a quilt about 8" x 10", quilted on my Gammill Longarm, of course!

While I was watching Pamela's Think Like an Artist DVD in the mountains, I decided to get out my sketchbook and doodle many of the images she used on her quilts. It ended up being a little landscape that I call "Pamela-La Land."

The other day I had a doctor's appointment in Raleigh, and decided to go to the North Carolina Museum of Art to psych myself up for the still life workshop. The museum is practically across the street from my doctor's office. I ended up browsing for two hours, immersing myself in art. Highly recommended! Unfortunately, the entire American art collection is currently closed, perhaps because they are preparing it to move into the new building. Still saw lots of inspiration!


Michelle said...

Oh, I really like that ... especially the wine! Congrats on the job ... those children are very blessed.

Judy S. said...

Those lucky kids! I hope you're able to slip in a touch of art along with the 3-Rs! Sounds like you're going to be busy, busy, busy.