Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trash to Treasure?

I have been participating in a Creative Challenge through the Needle-Felting mail list. I have had my doubts about this one, but am trusting that something nice will come of it.

You start with a black garbage bag and some colored plastic strips to make a background.

You make some lace out of long plastic strips, and add it to the background. Ah, stained glass effect???

Mine looked like something a homeless person might be sleeping on.

Then, you add some organza and needle-felt it down.

Ah, now we are getting something pretty! I used a rainbow organza from Wally-World that I purchased a couple years ago for some other project that I never made.
Here is another one. I tore up so much plastic that I made two backgrounds.

Next step is some machine-stitching over a wooden skewer to make fern frond stems. This is something very different and wild! But you know me, always willing to try something new.


zizzybob said...

OOoooo, I like the way it shines. Who would have ever thought that would turn out so nice.

Elizabeth said...

This looks so cool!! Who would guess that it is cut up plastic wrappers!! What are you going to do with it???
Love the rest of your blog!!