Sunday, November 25, 2007

Recovery Day

It was a bountiful Thanksgiving for my family. Didn't I do a great job carving up the fruit and veggies for the salad course? How about the ice sculpture?

Well, of course, I cannot take credit for these beautiful tables full of culinary creations. We visited my husband's sister and her family in lovely Asheville, North Carolina, and dined at the Grove Park Inn. This renowned resort is just a mile or two away from her home. A delightful afternoon, which included a visit to see the Gingerbread House competition. I will share some of those photos tomorrow. While we were dining, the weather took a plunge from the balmy seventies to the forties. The next day we saw snow flurries!

There are so many unique shops in Asheville. SIL Lee is wonderful about scouting out locations she knows I would like. My two SIL's and my DIL Emily had a ball going to see artsy things. I scooped up a few Christmas gifts to bring home.

My last stop was at the fabulous Waechter's Silk Shop, which is right on the way home, just a couple miles from Lee's house. I stayed for forty-five minutes of fabric petting and getting to know the owners, from whom I have purchased patterns and a few other items in the past. Since I was from out of town, they let me shop the 50% fabrics in the back room which go on sale December 1. I came home with several yards of lovely silk for a quilted jacket, and some hand-dyed silk ribbon that I could not resist. I certainly recommend this shop if you are looking for couture fabric or garment patterns.

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