Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why I Make Quilts, Part 2

My last post featured my two grandchildren with quilts I made for them. Here are a few more of my nieces and nephews with their baby quilts. Move over, Anne Geddes, here come the quilt babies!

The first quilt I ever made, with original applique designs and rickrack. This was made for Dave, my younger son, who is featured on the left next to his cousin, Jessie. Dave is now 6"5" or thereabouts and still likes my quilts!

A colorful one-patch made for my niece Laura. One of my last experiences in hand quilting...

Jewel Box quilt made for my nephew Andrew.Very early quilt made for great-niece Taylor.

A Bow Ties quilt made for nephew Ryan (a younger me on the left, his mom Patti on right)

Quilt with family photos made for great-nephew Briar. My sister Katy is on the right, and his mom Mika on the left.

And one more with a grandchild again. This one is Avery when he was an infant.

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Anita - aka Granny Patches said...

Love the babies and their quilts! The one with Avery kind of looks like he is saying "oooo, lookie at all the colors".