Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going to get my "fix" (seeing grandbabies, that is!)

Today I am heading south to stay with my son's family for a few days. Bry will be there tonight, but then he is leaving to join his father, uncle, cousins, and other manly types in the mountains for deer camp. For the last few years, I have stayed with his wife and kids while he goes hunting. Haven't seen the babies since about the third week in September. I know I'm lucky that they are only three hours away, but wish I could see them more frequently. They change so much each time I see them, especially Lily who is only seventeen months old. Chances are you will see new pictures on the blog this weekend! Maybe of Lily on her new quilt, which I am delivering today.

Here is how I did on my "To-Do" List yesterday.

1. Take dog to vet for shots-Done!

2. Take down Halloween lights-Done! Bonus- also took down, cleaned, and boxed up hummingbird feeders, filled bird feeders, and removed flowering plants bitten by killing frost from planters

3. Continue to search cell phone which has been missing two weeks (anyone out there seen it?)

Gave up. DSH says to replace it at Verizon store today would be $149, but if we wait until my contract expires in January I can get a new Razr for $9.99. That does not seem right! So I ordered a cheaper replacement from e-Bay yesterday, and hope it will work until January. Meanwhile I will be on the highway with no cell phone on this trip. Hope Sweet Sue the Suburu behaves! So far, she always has!

4. Finish two Civil War repro customer quilts- thought that was completed last night, but when I looked at the back, I was not happy with the tension on one row and ripped it out last night

Update- when I put the quilt back on the machine (Grendel the Gammill) I found more areas where the thread looked loose, and spent a few more hours picking out last night (also known as frogging-rippit, rippit!) This has happened to me before, where the top stitches look good while I am quilting. Then on the back, the thread just kind of lays there. It makes it easy to come out, but is irritating to have to do over. I know this happens when the thread jumps out of the intermittent tensioner, but this time I don't think that happened. There was a LOT of lint produced while quilting with cotton top, cotton batting, cotton back, and cotton Signature thread. Maybe there was a lint ball hiding somewhere and causing the problem.

5. Finish painting bathrooms and put away paint supplies- HA HA HA HA HA!

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Clevelandgurlie said...

Quite an ambitious (and accomplished!) to do list. Mine is now three pages long (including Christmas list) I'm trying to stay focused on my hearts -- but life keeps butting in. Got the first two rows put together. Have a safe trip Jeanne - look forward to your posts when you return.