Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Three New Postcards

I had a group of my teacher friends over for supper a couple weeks ago, and they were all abuzz about the idea of fabric postcards. None of them are quilters, although one's mom used to do traditional quilts. Anyway, they were all interested in purchasing a fabric postcard or two! I did have one on hand to show them, the peacock feather that my friend Michelle sent to me. No way I'm selling that one! I finished up three new ones and have several others under way. These little guys are fun to make. I used various combinations of Paintstix, Angelina, inks, and assorted trims. My favorite of these is "Undersea Garden." The pink flowers and the fish are Angelina.

I also finished quilting a wall-hanging that will be donated by the customer to a church in Raleigh to hang in its foyer. I spent a long time on this one since it is for a church, but the fabrics are so busy that the quilting really does not show. Here is a picture:

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